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Xiaomi Mijia Air Pump 2

Xiaomi Mijia Air Pump 2

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Introducing the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor 2: Your Ultimate Tire Inflator Upgrade

Get ready to experience the next generation of tire inflation with the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor 2. Designed as the successor to the beloved Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S, this new iteration brings a host of upgrades and enhancements to make your tire inflation experience faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

Key Features:

 Upgraded Speed and Performance: With increased speed and air volume, the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor 2 ensures you spend less time inflating your tires and more time on the road. Enjoy 45.4% higher inflation performance on a full charge, allowing you to fully inflate two car tires or top up car tires up to eight times.

 Enhanced Battery Life: Equipped with a built-in 2000mAh high-rate lithium battery, this tire inflator provides ample power for on-the-go inflation without the need for an external power source. Say goodbye to cumbersome power cables and hello to hassle-free inflation anytime, anywhere.

 High-Precision Cylinder Block: The high-precision die-cast cylinder block supports pressures up to 150 psi, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from car tires to mountain bike shock absorbers. Experience rapid inflation from 0 psi to 150 psi in just 20 seconds* for ultimate convenience.

 Preset Tire Pressures: Set your desired tire pressure values or choose from five preset inflation modes, each with pre-set air pressure values to prevent over-inflation and ensure peace of mind. The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor 2 automatically stops inflating when your desired pressure is reached and remembers your pressure values for future use.

Portable and Lightweight Design: Weighing only 490g* and featuring a compact design, this tire inflator is easy to carry and store wherever you go. Slip it into your bag, leave it in your car, or take it on your travels—it takes up minimal space and delivers maximum convenience.

Type-C Universal Interface: Charging on the go is a breeze with the upgraded Type-C port. Whether you're at home, in your car, or on the road, the included USB adapter charging cable ensures worry-free charging wherever you are.

Built-in LED Light: Operate the tire inflator with ease, even in low-light conditions, thanks to the built-in LED light. Whether you're inflating tires at night or in dimly lit environments, the LED light provides enhanced visibility for effortless operation.

Experience the future of tire inflation with the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor 2. With its advanced features, reliable performance, and sleek design, it's the perfect companion for every journey. Say goodbye to flat tires and hello to hassle-free inflation wherever the road takes you.

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