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Retro WiFi Super Console

Retro WiFi Super Console

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Are you looking for a powerful and versatile game console that can provide you with endless entertainment? Look no further than the Retro WiFi Super Console X Pro 4K HD TV Video Game Console. With this console, you'll have access to over 117,000 pre-installed games as well as 50+ emulators, allowing you to play PSP, PS1, N64, and other games perfectly. In addition, the upgraded S905X chip provides better GPU and CPU performance for smoother processing and running speed. Plus, the dual system in one design allows you to switch between EmuELEC and Android systems easily so you can use the TV box function and download apps like Google. For endless hours of fun and entertainment, get the Retro WiFi Super Console X Pro 4K HD TV Video Game Console today.


Package Includes:
1 * Super Console X PRO
2 * controllers
1 * 64/128GB or 256GB card
90000/95000/117000+ sets (according to your choice)
1 * remote control
1* HD cable
1* USB Hub
1 * Power supply
1 * User Manual

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