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MOES Door & Window Sensor

MOES Door & Window Sensor

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The MOES Door & Window Sensor is the perfect addition to your home security system. This sleek, modern device offers you peace of mind, with a robust set of features designed to keep your family safe. Equipped with hall sensing technology and tamper protection, the sensor will send out real-time notifications whenever it detects external objects or animals, giving you real-time awareness of what's happening at your home. It also has low battery reminders so you'll always know when it needs changing. Installation is easy - just add it to your Zigbee Hub hub and integrate into various environments using the Smart Life/Tuya App. No additional wiring required. Place it anywhere around the house that needs extra protection - from bedrooms and garages to bathrooms and gardens. Get 24/7 protection with one multi-sensor system that triggers a signal if an intruder is detected, ensuring maximum security for you and your family day and night!


Wireless Technology: ZigBee
Working Voltage:2.4V-3.3V(CR2032 battery)
Transmission Frequency:2.4GHz
Working Temperature:‒20°C ~+60°C
Transmission Range: Indoor:10~30m/Outdoor:30~50m
Size Main Body: 55*25*12mm
Size Small Body: 34*10*12mm

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