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Chinese Lucky Wealth Waving Cat

Chinese Lucky Wealth Waving Cat

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Introducing the Chinese Lucky Wealth Waving Cat – a symbol of prosperity and charm that brings positive energy into your space. This gold-toned Waving Cat features an inviting raised hand, exuding a warm welcome and good fortune. Perfect for home decor or even as a car ornament, this intricately designed sculpture adds a touch of cultural elegance to any environment. Its rich symbolism and intricate craftsmanship make it a meaningful gift or an eye-catching addition to your own space. Embrace the essence of luck and wealth with the Chinese Lucky Wealth Waving Cat – a captivating sculpture that radiates positivity and adds a unique charm to your surroundings.




Product Description:
Material: Plastic 
Size: 6.8x7.2x7.8cm
Color : White, Yellow, Black
Packing: 1pcs/pack 

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